'First of its kind' fitness partnership to boost performance for Renault UK Clio Cup's drivers

Motor sport nutrition specialist P1 Nutrition will become an official partner to the Renault UK Clio Cup in 2016.
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Each UK Clio Cup driver will receive on-going fitness and nutritional programmes from P1 Nutrition's associated trainer Boomerang Pro Fitness throughout the season.

Furthermore tailored products by P1 Nutrition will also aid driver-specific challenges including sustained strain on the upper body, high cockpit temperatures, muscle fatigue, mental stamina and heart rates exceeding 185bpm. The 2016 Renault UK Clio Cup Champion will then receive a year’s supply of P1 Nutrition product for 2017.

P1 Nutrition’s distinctive day-glo green logo will appear on each UK Clio Cup race car. Among its signed athletes already are British Superbike and British Touring Car stars Richard Cooper and Aron Smith (pictured above and himself an ex-UK Clio Cup racer) plus international sportscar ace Ollie Webb, another former top name from Renault Sport’s racing categories.

Ronan McHale, Athlete and Acquisitions Lead commented: “We are thrilled to partner with Renault UK Clio Cup for the 2016 season. It is no secret that this championship is a breeding ground for top talent.

“At P1 Nutrition we are committed to helping professional drivers and riders alike gain that critical advantage out on track through expert lead advice and product formulation. I am particularly excited to work with such a talented field and help them individually find the edge when every tenth counts.”

Will Fewkes, Renault Sport’s UK Motorsport Championship Manager, said: “This is a first of its kind for the UK Clio Cup and we are very excited by the extra performance that P1 Nutrition’s expertise and know-how will bring for our drivers – particularly those using the championship as a springboard to careers in touring car, GT or sportscar competition.

“Nutrition and fitness have increasingly become major contributing factors in helping drivers achieve a competitive edge – quite rightly many now view this as being as important as finding gains in lap time by changing suspension set-up. It will be very interesting to see who can make the most gains by using this scientific thinking during our 2016 season.”

Pic credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography