Yet another Renault UK Clio Cup record – its closest top three finish in history – fell at Oulton Park but this time it was rather by quirk of fate thanks to a post-race penalty. Read on for more fascinating facts that cropped up at the Cheshire circuit…
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Let’s cut to the chase. The eight races held to date at four different circuits – Brands Hatch Indy, Donington Park National, Thruxton and Oulton Park Island – have covered 111 laps totalling 220.7481 miles.

Notably out of all those laps (touch wood!) just two have been held behind the safety car. Talk about exploding myths…

So what about that closest top-three finish? Remember Brands Hatch Indy’s race on Easter weekend when a new record was set as Ant Whorton-Eales, Ashley Sutton and Ash Hand flashed across the line covered by a mere 0.508s.

Now fast forward to Oulton’s second race when Whorton-Eales won on the road ahead of Hand and Jordan Stilp only to be demoted to second by a time penalty. This penalty in effect closed up the top three to the tune of 0.357s – a closer result than that achieved sans amendments at Brands…

Paul Rivett’s victory at Oulton means we now have four different winners from eight races. But consider, too, that four of those eight races have been won by Hand (had Whorton-Eales not been relegated at Oulton it would have been three apiece between the Pyro and SV Racing rivals).

Hand also has an unrivalled four pole positions set in qualifying and four fastest race laps to his name and has also led more miles than anyone else – 75.356 out of 220.7481 to be precise. But it’s close with Whorton-Eales on 70.4398 miles led and ahead on laps in front with 35 to Hand’s 33. Next up come the other two winners Ashley Sutton (31 laps/48.2403 miles) and Rivett (12 laps/26.712 miles).

Also at Oulton, Charles Ladell and Dan Holland (both pictured above left) equalled their personal best results so far in 2015 with fifth and eighth place results respectively although these aren’t their career bests (both achieved fourth places in 2014).

Equalling his best ever Clio Cup result, however, was a jubilant Graham Field with 14th in race one – jubilant as it also gave him his maiden win in the Masters Cup class for older drivers!

And finally, while it doesn’t matter just yet, here’s another one to consider: based on the championship’s points scoring system which requires each driver to deduct his or her two worst scores there is actually a change at the head of the current standings with Hand taking over from Whorton-Eales by a mere four points.

This is how the leading positions tot up using the two dropped scores rule (tallies without deductions in brackets): 1 Hand 186 (208); 2 Whorton-Eales 182 (229); 3 Sutton 166 (182); 4 Rivett 146 (170); 5 Stilp 132 (161); 6 Jack Mitchell 113 (132); 7 Charles Ladell 107 (132); 8 Brett Smith 90 (90); 9 Rory Collingbourne 79 (95); 10 George Jackson 72 (86) etc.

Current Clio Cup stats after round eight, Oulton Park:

Pole Positions
4 Ash Hand
2 Ashley Sutton & Ant Whorton-Eales

4 Ash Hand
2 Ant Whorton-Eales
1 Ashley Sutton & Paul Rivett

2nd Places
4 Ashley Sutton & Ant Whorton-Eales

3rd Places
2 Ash Hand, Paul Rivett & Jordan Stilp
1 Jack Mitchell, Ant Whorton-Eales

Fastest Laps
4 Ash Hand
3 Ant Whorton-Eales
1 Ashley Sutton

Laps Led (out of 111)
35 Ant Whorton-Eales
33 Ash Hand
31 Ashley Sutton
12 Paul Rivett

Miles Led (out of 220.7481)
75.356 Ash Hand
70.4398 Ant Whorton-Eales
48.2403 Ashley Sutton
26.712 Paul Rivett