Newcomer Warr’s praise for Clio Cup’s costs & accessibility

Luke Warr believes the Renault UK Clio Cup offers smaller teams “incredible value for money” after revealing his BLG Racing outfit’s costs for its debut event in the championship.
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Warr and BLG made their first appearance at Donington Park with a second-hand car bought from title-winning team Team Pyro.

He said: “In all we did the whole weekend for about £6000 – that includes insurance, entry fees, tyres and general car preparation.

“In fact at Thruxton we might not spend even that much as we can carry over used tyres from Donington to run on the rear.”

He added: “To go higher than this really for a UK audience to take an interest in your motor sport activity then you’d need to be doing either the BTCC itself or F1!

“It’s incredible value for money when you consider the exposure the Clio Cup gets – to be part of something that is being shown live on ITV4 and is in front of crowds this big is something else.

“We could maybe do with investing in an extension to our awning for geometry set-up and also some new flooring but Donington has given us an idea of budget for the remainder of the season and it works out only about £15,000 more than it did for us to do pick-up trucks last year – that’s obviously club racing whereas this is at a much higher level.

"That's another point worth making: anyone from club racing can join the Clio Cup. You don't need to be 'selected' – all it takes is a call to the organisers and you start planning your way there."

Warr, whose car at Thruxton this weekend will sport a larger presence from sponsor ORCA Risk Solutions, also has praise for the atmosphere within the Clio Cup paddock.

He explained: “One of the best things at Donington was just how quickly we were made to feel at home – by the organisers and the teams.

“Pyro had already given us some really valuable info on out-lay and costs up front.

“But then someone from every team dropped in on set-up day and during the Thursday test to offer assistance. Paul Rivett (triple Champion) even came over to show me some of his on-board footage so I could improve my lines and that made a huge difference to our lap times.”

As at Donington, Warr faces learning another new track at Thruxton but he’s hoping to see similar improvements to his pace.

“Progress is relatively easy as we’re looking for seconds at this stage, not tenths. Above all I’m doing it because I like racing,” continued Warr.

“We are spending maybe 60% of some of the others but we don’t really feel we’re at a major disadvantage. The cars are very equal in a straight line and, by race two, my times were matching those at the back of the grid which was mission accomplished for us on our first weekend in it.

“You’re always after a sense of satisfaction as a driver. You don’t want to be running in a category where there are big gaps – you want a close race.

“What we’ve found is that Clio Cup is very accessible, really good fun and the cars are addictive to drive.”