Rowbottom switches to Finesse Motorsport alongside Streather for remainder of season

Daniel Rowbottom has announced a move to the Finesse Motorsport team alongside Paul Streather for the remainder of the 2016 Renault UK Clio Cup season but will still be jointly entered under his original Team Ecomotive banner.
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As of Donington Park this weekend Rowbottom will be entered by Team Ecomotive with Finesse. Streather will continue to run for Finesse Motorsport.

Significantly Rowbottom will join Streather in scoring points for Finesse in the Entrants’ championship which is shaping up to be the most competitive in history.

In it each team’s total per round is made up of the combined scores of its two best-placed drivers – it means therefore that Finesse now has a much more realistic chance of challenging for the Entrants’ crown.

Rowbottom commented: “I’m very happy with this move which is mutually highly beneficial to both parties and it really brings Finesse into the game in the Entrants’ championship.

“It will be fun working with Paul to move them up the table. But make no mistake… while we are now operating from under the same roof, we are still out there to beat one another in the drivers’ championship.”

Finesse Team Principal Neil Giddings said: “Daniel and the Ecomotive team demonstrated at Brands Hatch just how strong they are going to be this season so it’s great to welcome them as part of the Finesse fold.

“Certainly Daniel and Paul are going to push one another very hard on the track – both are determined drivers – plus of course it puts us in a much stronger position in the Entrants’ championship as we can effectively double our points tally in each race. It’s a win-win situation all round.”