7 Things You Should Know About New Twingo GT

Blank driver 17/06/2016 by Aiden White

The Twingo has already made its mark in the UK as a return to accessible rear engine, rear wheel drive fun. When tackling the New Twingo GT therefore, the engineering wizards at Renault Sport wanted to produce more than just a lightly re-worked version of the existing 90hp range topper. In the end, they went quite a bit further than that….read on to uncover the seven biggest changes to our smallest car!

#1 More than just a remapped engine


In order to extract the maximum available power from the 3 cylinder H4Bt motor, as well as improve driveability, the team at Renault Sport have made significant upgrades across the board. A new intake, new exhaust and high turbo revs help boost power by 20hp to 110hp, which combined with a specific engine mapping from the RS team, create a lively, free revving experience.

#2 A powertrain with fun in mind


Twingo represents the ‘Play’ petal of the Renault Life design philosophy, and this is best encapsulated in the New Twingo GT. Shorter gear ratios for the five speed manual gearbox, and an accelerator pedal map drawn from the Mégane RS range, ensure that the car is always at is its most energetic.

#3 A bespoke Renault Sport chassis


Renault Sport has always considered the perfect tuning of a car’s chassis to be the optimum route to achieving maximum enjoyment, rather than the addition of more power. The legendary chassis tuning team at Renault Sport have done it again with the Twingo GT – new damper tuning, stiffer springs and a larger anti-roll bar contribute to tight body control, maximum agility and a high fun factor for committed drivers.

#4 Making the most of rear wheel drive


With its unique rear wheel drive layout, the Twingo has the potential to deliver traction under power far in excess of conventional city cars. To take this even further, the ESP tuning has been reset by the development team to create unique driving sensations compared to the competition.

#5 Perfectly crafted at all four corners


The GT version uses specific tyres from famed manufacturer Yokohama, wrapped around 17-inch “Twin-Run” alloy wheels. As a reflection of its RWD nature, these are 185/45 at the front, with 205/40 at the rear to ensure a planted feel and deliver maximum driving pleasure.

#6 Special on the outside


The visual differences don’t just end with the unique alloy wheels. A twin centre exhaust with chrome tips exits through a new, diffuser style rear bumper. On the flanks, lateral air intakes feed additional air to the ravenous turbocharger. Bespoke Renault Sport badging adorns the rear glass hatch, hinting at the special nature of the car.

#7 Special on the inside


Driving enjoyment often stems from the driver’s environment – a fabulous road can be made average by a dour view ahead. Twingo GT brings motorsport inspired touches that make its RS heritage clear. Alloy pedals, RS kick plates, alloy gear lever top and Blaze Orange touch pack create the perfect environment for maximum enjoyment.

So there you have it – a small car, with a lot of big changes! The New Twingo GT will receive its first public airing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on the Renault UK stand and will be available in the UK from Winter 2016.

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